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Antenna Iridium Active - AD510-10 c/w Mounting Bracket


Precio: 2.550,88 EUR +IVA

The AD510-10 Active Iridium Antenna works with lower grade coaxial cable and is ideal for building installations and other situations requiring more than 75 feet of antenna cable. The Iridium Active Antenna is designed for use where long cable runs are required, far beyond the distances achievable with a standard passive device. The AD510-10 is supplied with a flexible 40m RG213U coax cable, however bespoke lengths of up to 120m are possible, subject to coax cable type. The AD510-10 provides superior performance with all Iridium series satellite phones for external mounting in harsh or marine environments. The radomes are 4 mm GRP/polyester mix whilst the base is milled from hard anodised aluminium, giving an attractive green finish, which is mechanically resilient and resistant to corrosion. The unit is designed for free air mounting and no ground plane is required. AD510-10 Antenna Specifications: - Size / Weight: 310 x 150 x 120 mm, 3.2 kg (with bracket) - Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees C - Cable Port: N-Type female - Pole Mounting Kit: heavy duty bracket with stainless steel U-bolts/nuts for up to 60 mm diameter pole

Included in the Package:
Antenna Iridium Active - AD510-10 c/w Mounting Bracket
Precio: 2.550,88EUR +IVA
EUR 3061.06 (VAT included)
(USD 2983.00)

*USTED DEBE HACER UNA OFERTA cuando usted necesita comprar accesorios especiales, como por ejemplo una antena y cable para que podamos darle el cable correcto para conectar la antena al dispositivo con todos los adaptadores que usted pueda necesitar.

Manufactor: AST
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EUR 2.550,88 + IVA
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