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Activación - un off (incluye tarjeta SIM y coste de activación) USD 35.00
(EUR 32.23 *)
Monthly fee USD 20.00
(EUR 18.42 *)
Depósitos en Efectivo (Corresponde a cada sola línea activa y será pagado el mes de cierre del contrato) EUR 200.00
(EUR 200.00 *)
Duración del contrato (Contrato se renovará automáticamente por el mismo período si no se desactiva con 90 días de antelación) 1 month
Included Bytes per month (if not used will be lost at the end of the month) 0 bytes

Las llamadas a Landline Phones (of all the world)
Las llamadas a Mobile Cellular Phones (of all the world)
Las llamadas a Voicemail
SMS sent from your phone
SMS received on the phone
Data Calls per minute
Data calls per MB
Carga de 256 bits (32 bytes)
Cargo por 1000 bytes
00:00 - 24:00
(EUR 1.84*)
Las llamadas realizadas dentro de su región a teléfonos fijos dentro de su región
Las llamadas realizadas dentro de su región a los teléfonos fijos de fuera de su región
Las llamadas realizadas fuera de la región a cualquier teléfono fijo
Las llamadas realizadas dentro de su región a los teléfonos celulares dentro de su región
Las llamadas realizadas dentro de su región a los teléfonos celulares fuera de su región
Las llamadas realizadas fuera de su región para cualquier teléfono celular
Data Calls per minute made inside your region
Data Calls per minute made outside your region
Data calls per MB made inside your region
Data calls per MB made outside your region
Data calls per MB in SOUTH AMERICA
Las llamadas a Iridium
Las llamadas a Thuraya
Las llamadas a Inmarsat GSPS ISATPHONE - LINK
Las llamadas a Inmarsat SPS
Las llamadas a Inmarsat FleetBroadband
Las llamadas a Inmarsat BGAN
Las llamadas a Inmarsat Swiftbradband
Las llamadas a Inmarsat B
Las llamadas a Inmarsat M
Las llamadas a Inmarsat MINI-M
Las llamadas a Inmarsat GAN
Las llamadas a Inmarsat FLEET
Las llamadas a Inmarsat SWIFT
Las llamadas a Inmarsat AERO
Las llamadas a otros teléfonos vía satélite (con exclusión de más arriba)
RECEIVED Calls from +1 Access
RECEIVED Calls from Two stage dialing
Data Calls per minute steaming 8
Data Calls per minute steaming 16
Data Calls per minute steaming 24
Data Calls per minute steaming 32
Data Calls per minute steaming 64
Data Calls per minute steaming 128
Data Calls per minute steaming 176
Data Calls per minute steaming 256
Data Calls per minute X-STREAM
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IRIDIUM SBD SERVICE provides the only truly global satellite voice and data solutions on the planet.

Work or play anywhere on earth and enjoy complete coverage. This includes oceans, airways and Polar Regions.
The Iridium constellation consists of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO), cross-linked satellites operating as a fully meshed network.
Iridium has the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world and delivers essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available. This is what makes the Iridium network unique.

The Iridium network provides global coverage however; Iridium complies with U.S. embargo restrictions and as such is prohibited from providing products and service to the following countries: Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. Since this is beyond Iridium’s control, each country is different and regulations may change without notice; it is best to check with the local Consulate or Customs offices for current details.

The embargoed countries where a satellite phone will work in these countries (we cannot guarantee service), but there (may be) issues taking an Iridium phone into these areas at customs/border patrols: Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Angola & Yugoslavia.
You may need special government permission to bring a satellite phone into embargoed countries.

Message size for MO-SBD is between 1 and 1960 bytes (0 byte messages are referred to as "mailbox checks"). Message size for MT-SBD is between 1 and 1890 bytes.  The maximum message size depends on whether am Iridium 9601 or 9522B transceiver is used.  The 9601 has shorter message lengths, but the hardware is lower in cost and supports up to 340 bytes MO-SBD and 270 bytes MT-SBD.

Remote Applications send Mobile Originated SBD (MO-SBD) data messages via an Iridium Transceiver.  The application microcontroller or microprocessor communicates with the Transceiver using AT commands over an RS232 serial port.  The application loads the data message into the Transceiver and instructs it to send the data message.  The data message is transmitted across the Iridium satellite network to the Iridium Gateway.  From there, the data message is transferred via e-mail or an IP Socket to the customer's host computer system.  Here the message is stored in a database for further data processing.

Mobile Terminated SBD (MT-SBD) messages are sent to the Iridium Gateway via e-mail or IP Socket from the customer's host computer system.  With appropriate configuration and provisioning, the Iridium Gateway will send a 'Ring Alert' to the Transceiver when a MT-SBD message has been queued.  The Mobile Application will then decide whether to retrieve the MT-SBD data message at that time or later.

Global network transmit latency for delivery of messages ranges from approximately 5 seconds for short messages to approximately 20 seconds for maximum length messages. This latency is the elapsed time before the Iridium SBD system sends the SBD message to its e-mail destination. Additional latency introduced by the internet or the customer's host system is not in Iridium's control.

Sim Card or Terminal Swap (in case of Damaged or lost/stolen SIM CARD or terminal) USD 35.00
(EUR 32.23 *)
SIM Card or Terminal SUSPENSION (automatically suspended for invoice non-payment or other reasons) USD 10.00
(EUR 9.21 *)
Reactivation of a perviously SUSPENDED SIM or Terminal USD 10.00
(EUR 9.21 *)
SIM Card or Terminal Deactivation (this cost will be charged when you close your contract) USD 15.00
(EUR 13.81 *)

* As reference all prices are converted in your Favourite currency (you can select your currency from the top menu), original prices are written first and prices expressed in your favourite currency are shown between parentheses. VAT is Excluded. On your invoice you will have exchange rate of the invoice period that may be different from today exchange rate. Now we show BCE Exchange rate of 24/07/2024


Dear Customer,
            the service provided from Iridium Communications Inc. has 100% coverage of the earth's surface. 

 The IRIDIUM provides the SMS to email but no arrangements for sending two-way SMS to all operators worldwide.

 NB All satellite users are not empowered to call special numbers of individual nations, such as: Emergency services, toll-free numbers, special numbers or premium, etc.. The customer will find the numbers pointing national service that wants to call.



All phones and SBD going to Russia must do an online registration on IRIDIUM RUSSIA website

  • This registration is FREE of charge
  • This registration will last ONLY 6 MONTHS except for Aircraft that will last 12 MONTHS (and need to be done again if required)
  • All Calls will be routed throught IRIDIUM GATEWAY in Russia

Registration information is provided for compliance with Russian telecommunications regulatory requirements. Iridium Russia will use and disclose registration information only to meet its obligations under Russian law. Subscribers registering are responsible for the accuracy of their data entered and registration is possible only through your service provider or by going to, a website owned and operated by Iridium Russia.

Acerca Geoborders

Geoborders is an independent Mobile Satellite Communications Provider established in 1995. It is now one of the leaders in different commercial sectors and have a wide variety of clients worldwide, including individual travellers, large corporations, aid agencies, shipping companies, government departments and the military.

Geoborders have HQ in London and distributes its product and services via wholesale and retail channels through its branches and partners.

For more information please contact GEOBORDERS:
Phone (Worldwide): +44.20.3051.3846
Fax (Worldwide): +44.330.684.0307
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