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EXPLORER 540 Terminal



Price: 1.434,60 EUR +VAT

Cobham EXPLORER 540 Dual Mode BGAN M2M-Cellular Terminal

EXPLORER 540 is the world's first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication terminal to operate on both Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and 2G/3G/LTE networks. With resilience a key parameter within M2M networks, the primary design goal for EXPLORER 540 is to provide the most reliable, yet versatile M2M connectivity available today.

As the world’s first BGAN M2M terminal designed to operate on both Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and cellular 2G/3G/LTE networks, EXPLORER 540 delivers always available connectivity for critical monitoring and control applications.

The BGAN M2M service uses Inmarsat BGAN to provide a reliable, global, two-way IP data service. It is designed to connect monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, providing visibility and management of those assets. By combining BGAN M2M with cellular connectivity in the same terminal, EXPLORER 540 gives users the opportunity to choose the best carrier for any location.

Dual Mode BGAN M2M

EXPLORER 540 is the only Inmarsat BGAN M2M terminal to offer dual mode operation, which provides unique flexibility and M2M data communication cost-control, as it ensures the most costeffective communication service can be chosen depending on location. Securing continuity of M2M IP data transfer, which often originates in hard to reach, remote locations, dual-mode operation delivers significant failover capabilities with automatic switching between BGAN and cellular networks. For organisations transferring critical real-time data within their M2M networks, EXPLORER 540’s dual mode can provide unmatched service availability. The terminal is well suited for bespoke M2M solutions such as IP SCADA for data backhaul, asset tracking, real-time surveillance and remote telemetry.

Designed For Any Environment

EXPLORER 540 is a rugged M2M terminal designed to provide reliable and secure IP data in even the harshest environments. At 20 x 20 cm and just 1.6 kg, it is the smallest and lightest BGAN M2M terminal in the market today. The durable casing and a dust and water resistant IP66 design makes EXPLORER 540 the perfect choice for any kind of fixed installation outside or inside.

Included in the Package:
? Explorer 540 terminal
? Pole mount
? Torx #10 bit
? Multi-Language installation manual
? Embedded multi-language manual 
System does require power source (10.5 to 32 volts DC) - more (ENG, FR, DE, ES, RU, JP and CN)
Price: 1.434,60 EUR +VAT
EUR 1721.52 (VAT included)
(USD 1699.00)

*YOU SHOULD ASK A QUOTATION when you need to buy particular accessories; for example an antenna and cable so that we can give you the correct cable to connect your antenna to your device with all adapters that you may need.

 (Using the BGAN M2M Service)
  • bullet It is a high-speed, real-time Ethernet port to the Internet mag glass for any TCP-IP/Serial M2M, SCADA device.
  • bullet Incredibly rugged with IP66 rating. No enclosure required.
  • bullet Simple to setup by anyone. Versatile power options with POE (Power Over Ethernet) port.
  • bullet The connection is always live 24 hours a day 7 days a week from most locations on the globe.
  • bullet Terminal service uses BGAN M2M service or standard BGAN service.
  • bullet BGAN M2M service does not charge for overhead networking costs.
  •  Poll mag glass remote equipment for 1 to 2 cents per poll (if under 1 Kilobyte). This is a great deal!
  •  Poll remote equipment 2,000 to 20,000 times per month for $24 to $110 per month!
  • bullet BGAN M2M service only bills for the meaningful data transferred through the terminal, and not for
  •    overhead, connection charges, or any data not from the attached equipment or client network.
  • bullet Global Coverage - Equipment can be located anywhere without notification to Ground Control.
  • bullet Ubiquitous Global Network - Use the same service provider (Ground Control) for all remote locations.
  • bullet When a critical issue arises, broadband 384/240 Kbps (Down/Up) communication speeds are available.
  •  Latency - 800 to 1500 ms on average (Standard BGAN Latency).
  • bullet The data connection is open, and stays alive. No wake-up operation needed to transmit/receive.
  • bullet It is secure from hackers when powerful firewall rules are in place or using a private network.
  • bullet Service Fees for BGAN M2M start at $23.99 a month for 2 MB Plan (Up to 2,000 monthly polls).
  • bullet Remote management of terminal via SMS. Power tools to configure system when not on site.
Explorer 540 M2M Equipment Features
bullet Remote configuration and debugging capable via SMS.
bullet It operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures -40°C to +75°C / -40°F to +131°F
bullet 24 x 7 Always-On capability
bullet No indoor unit required. Single Unit design. Terminal provides Ethernet port (with optional POE).
bullet Includes mounting bracket.
bullet Internet IP connectivity – at speeds of up to 464/448 Kbps (Down/Up)
bullet Supports Internet IP, Email, VPN, VoIP.
bullet PDP System Activation/Deactivation via SMS text message.
bullet IP66 Ingress rating Outdoor weather rating and corrosion resistant
 Low power consumption. Normal operation use 2.8 watts idle, 19 watts burst transmitting.
 Hibernation mode uses less than 30 milliwatts. (wake on LAN or wired trigger activates network in 30 seconds).
 Operates globally with the same service plan for all continents. Coverage Map
 Power requirements - 10.5 to 32 volts DC (minimum 2 amps).
 Low Profile - Does not attract attention from possible vandalism or theft.
bullet Remote SMS texting control. Hibernate, Activate and other status.
bullet Hazardous Area C1D2 Approved
bullet Certified CE, FCC, IC, C-TICK, Inmarsat Class 2. Type Approved and BGAN M2M Certified.
Manufactor: COBHAM SATCOM Manufactor Website:

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