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VSAT FASTSAT 150 Marine 1 meter Autopointing - BB100

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Based on the field-proven technology of the FASTSAT Approved antennas, the parabolic dish and the feed have been redesigned using state-of-the-art computer simulation software used in aerospace missions. Available in Ku band, Ka band or X band configuration.

The end result is a full carbon-fiber solution weighting less than 55 kg, with the easiest installation on the market, with no need for a crane.

The lightweight construction gives exceptional tracking agility, reduced stress on belts and motors for maximum operational life and minimum maintenance.

Carbon-fiber construction is immune to salt, oxidization, thermal excursions and humidity.

Thanks to its rigid construction properties and fast tracking algorithms, the antenna has remarkable tracking performances under heavy sea and ship vibrations.
The BB100 will be employed in heavy-duty Oil&Gas Offshore Operation Support Vessels (OSV) building on the success of the BB90 MKII, now running in more than 150 installations worldwide.

The parabolic dish is also carbon-fiber with a patent-pending metallic coating process, com-bining the advantages of both materials: lightweight and immune to thermal and mechanical deformations but with a smooth and conductive surface.

The feed has been specially designed using deep-space probes technology, with internal corrugations, for best-in-class impedance matching and controlled radiation pattern.

The combined result is a top-performing ADE dish with high efficiency, tracking precision and very low side lobes, compliant to the highest demanding standards as required by ANATEL, INTELSAT and EUTELSAT.

Fast tracking and acquisition performances, even without external gyrocompass. The antenna combines lock information coming from the internal tuner, the satellite modem and the AGC level.

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VSAT FASTSAT 150 Marine 1 meter Autopointing
Prezzo: 37.418,15 EUR +IVA
EUR 44901.78 (IVA inclusa)
(USD 40000.00)

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  • Specially designed for heavy-duty Oil&Gas Offshore OSV.
  • Full carbon-fiber construction means light-weight (55 kg), long operational life, reduced maintenance.
  • Easy installation without a crane, can be moved from one vessel to another or for temporary installations.
  • Designed using deep-space probes technology, it has exceptional RF performance and tracking capabilities.
  • Conforming to Intelsat type-G, Eutelsat type-M and ANATEL standards.
  • All the electronics in the dome, including the modem.
  • Web-based configuration from a local or remote web browser for easy commissioning or reconfiguration.
  • Fully OpenAMIP (iDirect) certified and capable of Automatic Beam Switching (Intelsat ABS).
  • A powerful embedded antenna controller (ARCU) collects alarms and diagnostic information to a central server.
  • Extensive diagnostics of a single antenna or the entire fleet is available via an intuitive web-based server that collects real-time and historical performance information from all ships.
Caratteristiche tecniche:
  • Reflector: 100cm ADE carbon fiber
  • Tx?Gain: 40.9dB @ 14.250 Ghz (no radome)
  • RF TX path loss between BUC and Dish: 1.1dB
  • BUC type: 4W Anatel type approved - 8W NexGenWave (optional) - 16W or 25W Codan (optional)
  • Rx Gain: 39.9dB @ 12.5 Ghz (no radome)
  • G/T: 18.0dB/K @ 20° elevation (with radome)
  • LNB low noise figure: <0.6dB with Swedish Microwave Double quad LNB compliant (DiSEqC protocol)
  • Polarized feed: selectable from BBController software or OpenAMIP / Linear Cross?pol / Co?pol
  • Radome loss: <1dB TX and RX Ku band optimized
  • Radome diameter: 125 cm
  • Antenna weight: 55Kg (with 10W BUC)
  • Operating temperature: ?10°C/+60°C
  • Antenna power: 24Vcc – 10A or 110?230Vac (ext power supply)
  • Tracking accuracy: <0.3° with external gyro connected / <0.5° without external gyro
  • Mechanics: 70% carbon fiber / 30% aluminum
Ship maximum angles:
  • roll +/? 20°
  • pitch +/?20°
  • yaw +/? 20°/sec
  • unlimited azimuth movement through rotary joint
  • GPS: all in view 12 channels internal
  • Internal 3?axis gyro sensor: 9 sensors with Kalman filter
  • Tracking possibilities: geostationary satellites / inclined orbit satellites
Lock sources:
  • Internal Broadband DVB?S2 Tuner
  • Internal Narrowband Tuner
  • External modem lock
  • AGC carrier level
Controller software:
  • OpenAMIP compliant
  • HTTP/HTTPS access to the antenna interface
  • Remote software update
  • Connection to iDirect modem through OpenAMIP or serial cable
  • Gyrocompass HDT input
  • External Ethernet Rain sensor
  • Double antenna SwitchBox via Cisco Balancer (optional)
Modem capability:
  • iDirect X5 (default)
  • Hughes
  • Gilat Technology (optional)
Wifi and 3G module (optional):
  • Supports 2.4 Ghz wifi with diversity antenna
  • Supports GSM and UMTS quad?band with HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE, GPRS
  • Auto satellite link budget calculation capability and automatic beam switch
  • Conforming to Intelsat type?G, Eutelsat type?M and ANATEL standards.
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