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IRIDIUM GO! 9560 Satellite Device



Price: 961,89 EUR +VAT
Iridium Go! hotspot can turn your smartphone into a satellite phone
This means that as long as the user can see the sky, they'll be able to surf the web, meaning there will be no need to worry about 3G or 4G reception or even about international roaming and different SIM cards.
But as well as an internet data connection it support voice, meaning that you can call home, as well as sending emails, from the middle of the Atlantic or from the top of Mount Everest. It can support up to five devices simultaneously and has a wireless range of 30 metres, so could be great as a mobile wi-fi hub on a boat or small plane for example.
Access to Iridium's satellite network is via an app.
Even without other apps, the device can be used as an emergency notification service, sending the owner's location and coordinates to the emergency services in times of trouble, it works with TRACKING PORTAL.
Critical connectivity for all: No matter where you go, the ability to conduct business, connect with friends and family, access information, respond rapidly to any situation or simply stay in touch is always critical. 
Iridium GO! simplifies global communications for: 
  • Pilots, boaters and truckers
  • Adventurers and explorers
  • Remote residents and vacationers
  • Emergency and first responders
  • Global and business travelers
  • Global enterprise
  • Executives and diplomats
  • Foreign missions
  • Government and NGOs
  • Military operations 
Included in the Package:
IRIDIUM GO! 9560 Satellite Device
Price: 961,89 EUR +VAT
EUR 1154.27 (VAT included)
(USD 1045.00)

*YOU SHOULD ASK A QUOTATION when you need to buy particular accessories; for example an antenna and cable so that we can give you the correct cable to connect your antenna to your device with all adapters that you may need.

Iridium GO! enables satellite connectivity for your mobile devices where terrestrial networks are non-existent, unreliable or costly. 
Iridium GO! is fully portable on its own, or can mount with an external antenna on vehicles and boats for mobile applications. 
Iridium GO! is an affordable solution for global connectivity, delivering remarkable value compared to other options. 
4.5"x 3.25" x 1.25" 
Durability Specifications:
  • Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F) 
  • Ingress Protection (IP65) 
Easy to Use:
  • Stable, lay-flat design 
  • Flip up antenna 
  • Built-in menu/status display 
  • Wi-Fi device ready 
  • App API for developers 
  • Robust accessory platform 
Manufactor: Manufactor Website:

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EUR 58,91 + IVA
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EUR 327,92 + IVA
(USD 356,25)

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