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RST620 - FixedSAT Satellite Phone - Handsfree (Using 9522B)


Preis: 2.709,65 EUR + MwSt.
The Beam Fixed Satellite Telephone provides a complete hands-free voice and data satellite telephone for any transport application. The terminal can be installed to provide a compact user handset to be located close to the driver while still providing the ability to have external horn and or light alerts.
Included in the Package:
Hands Free Interface, Intelligent Handset, Speaker/Mic, Wiring Assembly
Preis: 2.709,65EUR + MwSt.
EUR 3251.58 (VAT included)
(USD 3197.12)

*SIE SOLLTEN einen Kostenvoranschlag zu beantragen, wenn Sie bestimmte Zubehörteile kaufen müssen, zum Beispiel eine Antenne und Kabel, so dass wir Ihnen das richtige Kabel für Ihre Antenne auf Ihrem Gerät mit allen Adaptern, die Sie benötigen.

Manufactor: BEAM Manufactor Website:

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Iridium- Direct Internet and PPP port blocking

As from 1st June 2005, Iridium Satellite LLC will be blocking many TCP/UDP ports in an effort to help combat against malicious programs and viruses. This change to the Iridium service will not affect the majority of users of applications such as Email, Web-browsing or FTP for example. However, specalist equipment or applications may use uncommon ports which will cease to work.


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EUR 2.709,65 + IVA
(USD 3.197,12)

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