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ISATDATA PRO Bundle 10 kb
Versione 1 valido dal 01/09/2012

Aktivering - ett av (Innehåller SIM CARD och aktiveringskostnad) USD 40.00
(EUR 36.58 *)
Månadsavgift USD 25.50
(EUR 23.32 *)
Kontant inbetalning (Det gäller för varje linje som aktiveras och det kommer att betalas tillbaka månaden efter att kontraktet är avslutat) EUR 150.00
(EUR 150.00 *)
Kontraktstiden (kontraktet kommer automatiskt att förnyas för samma period om det inte inaktiverad 90 dag i förväg) 3 månad
Inkluderade bytes per månad (om de inte används går de förlorade i slutet av månaden) 10240 bytes

Samtalsavgifter för : ABONNEMANG ISATDATA PRO Bundle 10 kb
Samtal till Fasta telefoner (av hela världen)
Samtal till Mobile Mobiltelefoner (av hela världen)
Samtal till Telefonsvarar
SMS skickas från din telefon
SMS mottaget på telefonen
Datasamtal per minut
Data samtal per MB
Betalt för 256 bits (32 byte)
Avgift per 1000 bytes
00:00 - 24:00
USD 1.5
(EUR 1.37*)
Samtal gjorts i din region till fasta telefoner inom din region
Samtal gjorts i din region till fasta telefoner utanför din region
Samtal gjorts utanför din region till en fast telefon
Samtal gjorts i din region till mobiltelefoner inom din region
Samtal gjorts i din region till mobiltelefoner utanför din region
Samtal som gjorts utanför din region till en mobiltelefon
Datasamtal per minut som gjorts utanför din region
Datasamtal per minut som gjorts utanför din region
Datasamtal per MB som gjorts i din region
Datasamtal per MB som gjorts utanför din region
Data samtal per MB i SYDAMERIKA
Samtal till Iridium
Samtal till Thuraya
Samtal till Inmarsat GSPS ISATPHONE - LINK
Samtal till Inmarsat SPS
Samtal till Inmarsat FleetBroadband
Samtal till Inmarsat BGAN
Samtal till Inmarsat Swiftbradband
Samtal till Inmarsat B
Samtal till Inmarsat M
Samtal till Inmarsat MINI-M
Samtal till Inmarsat GAN
Samtal till Inmarsat FLEET
Samtal till Inmarsat SWIFT
Samtal till Inmarsat AERO
Samtal till andra satellit Telefoner (med undantag av ovan)
mottagna samtal från +1 Access
mottagna samtal från Two stage dialing
utgående samtal i ISDN
Datasamtal per minut steaming 8
Datasamtal per minut steaming 16
Datasamtal per minut steaming 24
Datasamtal per minut steaming 32
Datasamtal per minut steaming 64
Datasamtal per minut steaming 128
Datasamtal per minut steaming 176
Datasamtal per minut steaming 256
Datasamtal per minut X-STREAM

ISATDATA Pro Service

IsatData Pro is said to offer significantly more payload capacity compared to other satellite-based M2M services in the market. As a packet data, store and forward service, IsatData Pro will deliver up to 10,000 bytes to the device and up to 6,400 bytes from the device. (In comparison, global M2M satellite services typically offer data connectivity between 270 and 340 bytes)
It also gives users the ability to broadcast messages to multiple terminals or groups of terminals.
By delivering up to 37 times more data, IsatData Pro can meet the increasing demand for richer information in M2M applications, and allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations, via emails, electronic forms and workflow information. Applications include vehicle telemetry information, text-messaging remote workers, maintaining up-to-date driver logs, and the remote management and control of fixed assets.
For mission critical applications, IsatData Pro can transmit a 100 byte message in less than 15 seconds, or a 1,000 byte message in 45 seconds – ideal for sending information to drivers operating in high-risk areas, or for the effective use of sensors to closely manage remote equipment.
SIM-kort eller Terminal Swap (vid skadad eller förlorad / stulet SIM-kortet eller terminal) USD 40.00
(EUR 36.58 *)
SIM-kort eller Terminal SUSPENSION (automatisk suspention om betalning av fakturan uteblir eller av andra skäl) USD 25.00
(EUR 22.86 *)
Reactivation of a perviously SUSPENDED SIM or Terminal USD 25.00
(EUR 22.86 *)
SIM-kort eller terminal Deaktivering (denna kostnad kommer att debiteras när du avslutar ditt kontrakt) USD 20.00
(EUR 18.29 *)

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IsatData Service Plan Terms and Conditions

  • The customer is responsible to pay for all data sent through the IsatData Pro terminal. Messages pooled at the gateway/Portal are the responsibility of the customer to ensure their application releases the messages.
  • Minimum message size is 15 bytes with 1 (one) byte increments.
  • Data consumption is rounded up to the nearest 10 bytes per message.
  • All plans are pooled data plans. Total inclusion data per customer is the total number of terminals for each pooled plan multiplied by the data inclusion for each Group ID. Pooled plans for terminals cannot be split amongst different Group IDs.
  • Data overage is only applied if the total of a customer’s grouped traffic exceeds total inclusion for all terminals in a Pooled plan.
  • Group Broadcast plans can be added to any pooled plan. The Group Broadcast Plan’s monthly Subscription Fee is equal to the Per Group ID monthly subscription fee times the number of Subscribed Group IDs. The data consumption for broadcast plans is calculated by multiplying the message size and the number of IsatData Pro’s regional beams that the message is transmitted over as well as the number of repeats selected when submitting the message for transmission.
  • Data Overage is applied on a per kilobyte basis.
Om Geoborders

Geoborders is an independent Mobile Satellite Communications Provider established in 1995. It is now one of the leaders in different commercial sectors and have a wide variety of clients worldwide, including individual travellers, large corporations, aid agencies, shipping companies, government departments and the military.

Geoborders have HQ in London and distributes its product and services via wholesale and retail channels through its branches and partners.

For more information please contact GEOBORDERS:
Phone (Worldwide): +44.20.3051.3846
Fax (Worldwide): +44.330.684.0307
E-mail: activations@geoborders.com
Web Site: www.geoborders.com

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