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How to setup GMPRS connection with Thuraya XT

Please find below the steps on how you can do GMPRS connection with Thuraya XT using windows XP.

 Install the required driver on your computer: Enter the Support-CD included in your Thuraya XT phone box into the CD-ROM drive of your computer and double-click the Thuraya XT icon on the Support-CD to start the installation. You must select the driver for your Operating System during the installation.

 > Connect your laptop or PC to your Thuraya XT phone via the USB Data Cable included in your Thuraya XT phone box.

 >On your Thuraya XT go to Menu, scroll to Settings and press the center key to confirm, in the settings menu scroll to 6 Data connection and confirm with the center key, after that select the Data port by scrolling with the left- and right soft keys and choose USB .

 Your Thuraya XT is now properly connected to your computer. Make sure your Thuraya XT phone has a working satellite connection (check on the idle screen if the phone is connected to a satellite). After connecting you must set-up a Dial-up connection in your computer as you would connect via a modem to the WWW:

 On Windows XP:

 Go to Start – Settings – Network Connections. There you must Create a new connection and click Next.
 On network connection type choose Connect to the Internet and select Setup my connection manually and click Next.
 >Now select Connect using a dial up modem and click Next where you must select the Thuraya XT phone from the list. Enter a name you wish (e.g. “Thuraya GmPRS”) and click Next.
 >On the screen “Phone Number to Dial” enter *99# and click Next. After that you can choose your preference who can use the connection and click Next.
 The following Internet Account Information you can leave blank and select Next. On the next screen select Add a shortcut to the desktop and select Finish. To start the connection double-click on the new desktop icon, leave user name and password blank and click Dial .
 >After few seconds your computer will show "registering to the network "and eventually get connected.