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Can i use data with my Oceana and Terra Units?

Yes you can. You will need to ensure that you have successfully downloaded the Falcon Tool and accompanying drivers. Your Beam Unit can be used as a modem to send and receive low rate data.

Typical low rate data applications include plain text email and small file attachments. Some Inmarsat service providers offer proprietary applications which have been optimized to operate with your phone. Contact your service provider for details.

To enable your unit for data service:

1. Connect the Beam Unit to your PC using the USB cable.

2. Initially you will need to install a standard USB Modem Driver to work with the Beam Unit. To do this, on your PC go to Control Panel > Phone and Modem options and select the Modem tab. Select Add > make sure you tick Don’t detect modem I will select from list then NEXT > Select the Standard Modem type and 2400bps Modem. Click on NEXT > It will prompt you know to select the Comport that it is attached to.

3. Highlight the modem driver you have just created and click on PROPERTIES > ADVANCED. In the Extra initialization command key in the following: &FE0&D2 OK>

4. Ensure the Beam Unit has signal and ready for service.

5. Identify the Inmarsat Beam data port COM port to which your unit is connected for the data service. The COM port number will be needed when you are using your data application. To do this, on your PC go to Control Panel > Phone and Modem options and select the Modem tab. You will see Standard 2400bps Modem and the COM port eg. COM6. Or, go to Control Panel > System and select the Hardware tab. Click on Device Manager and scroll down to Modems. If your USB drivers are installed you will see Standard 2400 bps Modem. Right click on Standard 2400 bps Modem and select Properties. You will see the Com port eg. COM6.

5. If you have not already done so, install your chosen data application and follow the onscreen instructions


BEAM FALCON - Software ver. 1.8 Software and Firmware Upgrade Combined Tool Falcon_1.8.zip.zip Download
BEAM FALCON - Manual Manual Falcon_Manual.pdf.pdf Download
BEAM FALCON - Firmware Upgrade Instructions for OCEANA/TERRA/ISATPHONE PRO Firmware IsatDock Falcon Firmware Upgrade.pdf.pdf Download
Beam Universal USB Drivers minimal ver. 1.6 (normally Windows Driveres are OK, to be used If you have particular configurations) Software e Driver Beam_USB_Drivers_1.6_minimal.zip.zip Download
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