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Inmarsat BGAN- Latest software downloads for a Hughes 9350

This article contains the latest software firmware, drivers and launchpad software for the Hughes 9350 BGAN terminal.


Please find below links to download the appropriate software and support documentation for your BGAN terminal. The downloads can be categorised as follows: Firmware- Contained in .zip files, the firmware is uploaded onto a BGAN terminal to enable new features or to improve stability or compatability. Please refer to the appropriate firmware update instructions as the procedure varies from terminal to terminal. Firmware update instructions- Downloaded as a .pdf file, these contain all of the instructions that you will need to update the firmware on your BGAN UT. Software Drivers- Usually for USB connectivity, the drivers are installed to allow your computer to connect to and communicate with your BGAN UT. For information on installing USB drivers, please refer to your BGAN user manual and your local IT support. LaunchPad Software- The LaunchPad software is the end-user interface for controlling your BGAN UT. For instructions on installing the LaunchPad software, please refer to your BGAN user manual and your local IT support. This software is now generic for all BGAN terminals and can be downloaded by clicking here. TCP Accelerator Software- This "Add-on" software allows users to increase their throughput on BGAN terminals and achieve higher data speeds. For more information and to download the software, please click here. All firmware or software packages are contained within .zip files and as such an appropriate archive utility software program such as WinZip or Winrar should be used to extract the required files before use.


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