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Iridium IMF - How do I set the Time and Date using my Iridium IMF 1000

This article describes how to set the time and date

1. To enter the function menu, press Menu 2. Go to the 'System' item using the vol up and down button. And confirm press OK (#) 3. Go to 'Time/date' using vol up and down button. And confirm press OK (#) You can now choose between 'Status', 'Set', 'System update' and 'GPS update' Status: Shows current time and date (from system) Set: Allows you to edit time and date manually, using the numeric keys. System update: If this opition is choosen, the time written in the display is updated using only the internal circuitry of the RTU. I your Iridium system is turned off and on again, the clock will reset to a default time. The correct time must be entered manually every time. GPS update: If this option is choosen , the time in the display is updated using connected GPS. If the unit is turned off and on again the time will update next time a GPS is updated. But if you do not have a GPS you will don be able to have updated time.
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