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Iridium IMF 1000- Internal Configuration and How Do I find out your software version

This artical describes the internal configuration of your Iridium IMF 1000. Also how to find your sofware version.

. Correct position of Scanbus jumper in handset cradle (See picture). Termination Jumper must be in the "ON" position for the last ECI handset connected. Handset Cable must be terminated correctly (See picture for correct cable wiring) Current Software. See the Serial Number label on the bottom of the ECI unit (next to the antenna connector) for the "Code" number: - "Code 80..." = MKI Unit Software Version 3.05.00 - "Code 81..." = MKII Unit Software Version 4.01.00 - "Code 82..." = MKIII Unit Software Version 5.03.00 (To check the software version, press Menu>System>SW Version>Transceiver>OK)