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Motorola responds to attacks against the United States

The thoughts of the people of Motorola around the world are with the families of the innocent victims of the violence against the United States on September 11, 2001. All of us continue to be deeply affected by these tragic events. Nevertheless, it is critical that we help each other get through this tragedy and help the world recover.

Motorola is continuing extensive efforts to globally expedite new shipments and meet numerous customer requests for emergency help to support police, fire, ambulance and other emergency services in the affected areas.

Motorola business and logistic teams and manufacturing facilities worldwide will remain on full alert and will continue to give priority to public safety emergency orders as needed.

To date, Motorola has delivered at least 86 trucks with communications equipment to field teams and customers in the New York City area, Virginia and Maryland. In addition, seven planes carried Motorola equipment into the affected areas at the height of these disasters.

Additionally, three major communications systems were delivered, including a 900 MHz “trailer” radio system and an 800 MHz “trailer” radio system in New York City, and an 800 MHz “trailer” system which is being used at the plane crash site in Pennsylvania. A fourth major system, an 800 MHz, 15-channel communications system, was delivered to New York to provide back-up communications for emergency services. Motorola workers produced the system, which typically takes about three weeks to assemble, in 30 hours for shipment to the emergency areas.

Approximately 9,500 of our portable radios, 16,000 batteries and 3,000 chargers have been delivered so far. Further, about 120 base stations, and nearly 5,000 pieces of miscellaneous accessories, such as cabling and antennae equipment, have been delivered. Motorola has also delivered 700 Iridium satellite telephones to emergency agencies in the New York City area. We also provided 1,000 cellular phones to a major insurance company for its policyholders in the affected areas.

Motorola has also donated 10,000 iDEN multi-function phones to various federal, state and local government agencies, plus about 88,000 batteries, chargers and other accessories. Nextel will provide the phone service.

The Motorola Foundation will donate $1 million in support of relief efforts, dispersed to: New York Police, Fire & Rescue; the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (World Trade Center / Pentagon Fund); General Relief Fund in New York; Abilities, Inc.; and Employee Match to the One Motorola Responds Fund.

We all have the opportunity to redefine what it means to be heroic. We must focus our energies on collaboration and reconstruction. We need heroes and heroines of epic proportion working to strengthen the world one step at a time.


Christopher B. Galvin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Motorola, Inc.


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